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Authentic Movie Props, Movie Collectibles, Celebrity Autographs. Lowest Prices Guaranteed! Your #1 Source for all things related to movies and Cinema. Our Authentic Celebrity Hand signed autographs and movie props such as Iron Man Arc Reactor, The Dark Knight Cowl and thousands of other top quality peices. Film Cells, Buy props from movies, get movie collectibles used in movies.
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The Future of Movie Props.
With adventent of fully 3D CGI movies like Avatar, what will be the future of the movie prop collectible industry if there are no actual physical props! Sure replicas will always exist, but that's not nearly the same thing as an authentic movie prop or costume. Certainly many movies will be made the traditional way for years to come, however, the best props are usually from fantasy and sci-fi films, which are also the ones most likely to be made on computers in the future. What I think this means is that like limited edition collectibles such as Hot Wheel redlines, current movie props available today will go up more and more in value, because the future availability of new movie props will be limited.

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